Paintings, prints and illustrations

12 August 2022

8 August 2022

1 August 2022
Flowers From Cornwall, gouache on paper, 20cm x 22cm

28 July 2022
A painting from the archive.

25 July 2022

21 July 2022
Nighttime Summer Garden, gouache on paper, 25.5cm x 24.5cm Earlier this week, it was so hot during the day so I did a painting in the garden once the sun had gone down!

18 July 2022
Strawberry Plants, gouache on paper, 20cm x 22cm. Drawn at the wonderful @petershamnurseries

14 July 2022
Superbloom, 67 cm x 50 cm, acrylic on paper. Inspired by the stunning superbloom at the Tower of London designed by @nigel.dunnett I hope I’ve captured some of the magic. And the ceramic jug is inspired by the amazing creations of @katrinmoye

11 July 2022
Honesty, gouache on paper

7 July 2022
Strawberry Basket, acrylic on paper, 39cm square

4 July 2022
Hydrangeas in Japanese satsuma vase, acrylic on paper.

30 June 2022
Finished commission! Enchanted Garden, 100cm square, oil on canvas

27 June 2022
There’s still some paintings left for sale in my online Summer Exhibition of small paintings - (or click on link in bio on my profile page) This is White Blooms, acrylic on paper, 30cm x 30cm. Thank you to everyone who has bought paintings so far.

24 June 2022
Online Summer Exhibition starts today on my website (link in bio) Small paintings of flowers, gardens and decorative ceramics, and a few archive sale pieces. Here is a selection of the work. Just send me a DM if anything catches your eye. Red Flowers 15cm x 16cm Pink and Green 20cm x 20cm Flower Shop 17cm x 18cm White Blooms 30cm x 30cm Columbine 13cm x 13cm Purple Hyacinths 29cm x 30cm Beautiful Chair 15cm x 18cm Wax Flowers 29cm x 30cm Thanks so much for looking.

23 June 2022
My online Summer Exhibition starts tomorrow on my website (link in bio) There will be lots of small paintings of flowers, gardens and decorative ceramics, and a couple of archive sale pieces. Here is a small selection of some of the work. If anything catches your eye, just send me a DM. I’m happy to send the work overseas. Thank you so much for looking.